Mr Murali Pillai: To ask the Minister for Transport whether he can provide an update of his Ministry’s plans to build cycling paths at Bukit Batok SMC.

Mr S Iswaran: The Government remains committed to tripling our cycling paths to around 1,300 kilometres by 2030, under the Islandwide Cycling Network…

Mr Murali Pillai: To ask the Minister for Law whether the Limitation Act will be amended to address several deficiencies identified by the Law Reform Committee of the Singapore Academy of Law, particularly with respect to providing a limitation period for actions in unjust enrichment, which is not covered by the Act. (Q.1301)

Mr K Shanmugam: The Ministry had previously considered this matter and taken the view that there were some issues in amending the Limitation Act. However, the matter is being reviewed again. Given the need to prioritise resources, this review might take time.

Mr Murali Pillai: To ask the Prime Minister following the leak of the Pandora Papers into the public domain, what steps will MAS take to satisfy itself that Singapore-based professionals, trust companies and financial institutions charged with the responsibility of conducting the requisite due diligence checks under Singapore’s frameworks to…

Murali Pillai

Member of Parliament for Bukit Batok SMC, Advisor to Bukit Batok SMC GROs.

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